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All Operations of Professional & Amateur Pinball Association Now Under Non-Profit Management

Scott Township, Penn. -- December 19, 2013 -- Replay Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, has officially taken ownership of the Professional & Amateur Pinball Association (PAPA) headquarters in Scott Township, just outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This facility already houses the nearly 500 rare and valuable pinball and arcade games donated in December 2012.

Along with this donation, Replay Foundation now takes over all operations of PAPA, including PAPA TV, the two largest annual pinball tournaments in the world, and all other outreach efforts. Each tournament draws over a thousand players and spectators from around the world.

"Putting PAPA under the control of an independent non-profit organization will ultimately preserve its legacy for future generations, beyond my own involvement," said Kevin Martin. "I'm very pleased with the progress shown by Replay Foundation, and expect many great things in the future."

About Replay Foundation

Replay Foundation promotes the preservation, restoration and enjoyment of pinball technology, with an emphasis on the player experience. Pinball machines were designed to be played, especially in competition.

Operating as a private operating foundation (charitable), Replay Foundation raises funds towards its own stated goals, with excess funds being devoted to charities in the Western Pennsylvania region.

About PAPA

PAPA is the oldest continually operating organization for pinball players, having operated its first tournament in New York City in 1991. PAPA operates the two largest pinball tournaments in the world, the PAPA World Pinball Championships and the Pinburgh Match Play Championship. PAPA also operates the PAPA Tournament Circuit, a yearly series of pinball tournaments across the nation.

The PAPA World Headquarters in Scott Township, Pennsylvania is only open to the public during the annual tournaments and other special events.

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