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Replay FX: Pittsburgh showcases the largest arcade in the world, featuring more than 1,000 classic arcade and pinball machines, plus tabletop and hundreds of console systems ranging from the original Magnavox Odyssey to the XBox One. The event also includes live music, cosplay, a 1,600 square foot virtual reality setup, and a wide variety of pinball and casual video game competitions. The arcade is owned and managed by the Replay Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit foundation dedicated to preserving gaming-related history and technology, making Replay FX: Pittsburgh both a central hub of modern gaming as well as a living history of the arcade, pinball, and associated tech culture.

Replay FX: Pittsburgh includes thousands of games available for the public every day at no additional cost above the regular price of admission.

After 9PM, the Replay FX: Pittsburgh main stage transitions into a live music venue. And since it’s one of the most frequently asked questions, YES, the concessions do sell beer!

Cosplay all four days! Attendees are encouraged to learn about the art, craft and design of cosplay builds. The annual cosplay contest on Saturday is one of the best attended events at Replay FX: Pittsburgh.

The look and feel of the arcade is just as important as the games. Replay FX: Pittsburgh offers a wide range of family-friendly experiences, including face-painting, crowd entertainers, and more.



Featuring Pinburgh, the largest pinball tournament in history and one of the most competitive esports events in the world. This Pittsburgh-born competition offers $100,000 in prize money, 400 full-sized pinball machines meticulously prepared for the tournament and a 1,000 player competitive field that typically sells out in seconds. Pinburgh would have celebrated its 10th anniversary at Replay FX: Pittsburgh in 2021.

Competitive History

PAPA’s 30+ years of building and supporting gaming competitions in dozens of cities, including Pinburgh, makes it one of the oldest and most successful competitive gaming organizations in history.

All Skill Levels

Pinburgh’s unique competition structure was intentionally designed to allow players of all skill levels to compete against one another in an entertaining and diverse social atmosphere.

2019 Final Four

4th: CRYSS STEPHENS, Pittsburgh, PA
3rd: ANDREW ROSA II, Flint, MI
2nd: DANIELE ACCIARI, Rocca di Pappa, Italy
1st: KEITH ELWIN, Chicago, IL


Featuring Looking for Group, a click and mortar gaming center in Pittsburgh that features PCs, consoles, board games, and pen and paper gaming. LFG hosts gaming leagues, watch parties, birthday parties, and more. Replay FX encourages attendees to visit LFG in Brookline where they can support our local gaming community year-round. Players of all ages, experiences, and skill levels are welcome.

Tabletop Area

Get away from the bustle of the main show floor and relax in the Replay FX board game lounge! Learn a new tabletop game, or play an old favorite from our extensive collection. All ages are welcome. Volunteers and staff are available to suggest a game based on your personal preference, plus they can join in and teach you how to play if you need help!

Special Replay FX Tabletop Area events in 2020 include: Trivia, Dungeons and Dragons, and Werewolf!

LAN Gaming

Do you have what it takes to beat our house teams in Rocket League or beat the high score in Fortnite? Show us your skills and win prizes!

Join us in the Replay FX LAN Area and party like it is 1999 with multiplayer games like Warcraft II, Unreal Tournament, Quake 3, Age of Empires II, and a whole host of LFG’s other curated games.

Couch Games

Looking for something relaxing to do at Replay FX? Bring three friends to the LFG lounge and enjoy a collection of the best four player games ever made.

Try your hand at our personal favorites Duck Game and Gang Beasts, or see if you and your friends have what it takes to get through cooperative gaming challenges like Heave Ho and 1001 Spikes.

Don’t know what to play or how to play? Just ask!