The Professional & Amateur Pinball Association creates and promotes the world’s greatest pinball tournaments, encourages friendly competition, and spreads enthusiasm for pinball among casual gamers.

During our 30+ year history, we built Pinburgh, the largest pinball tournament in history, worked alongside IFPA and Stern Pinball to create the Stern Pro Circuit, and helped pioneer a broadcast system for competitive pinball, resulting in the creation of dozens of instructional tutorials, competition videos, and a PAPAtv live streaming series.

Our hope is that pinball players will use the resources our organization provides to become both more successful and more interested in the wonderful game of pinball.

PAPA Pinball Learning Center


Are you new to pinball? Are you similar to the thousands of competitive players who at one time didn't even know competitive pinball existed?

If so, you're in the right place! These resources will introduce you to the amazing 100+ year history of pinball and its amazing community!


Some players are drawn to the social aspects of local leagues and larger gaming events, while others are interested in the chase of becoming the world's greatest player. Whatever your reasons, this guide was designed to help you get started in the exciting world of competitive pinball.


Have you decided you want to take the next step and run an event of your own? Congratulations on helping the community grow! This guide was designed to help you avoid common mistakes and build a successful pinball event.