The Replay Foundation has partnered with i-Payout to allow for personalized payment options and secure document handling for all of our competition payouts. With over 10 years experience, i-Payout is a leader in the global payment industry. A United States based company with an international presence, i-Payout has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, and a reputation as a trusted and respected partner which prides itself in consistent service and payment flexibility.

As a player, the benefits from a system like i-Payout include the ability to choose among available payment methods that best fit your needs, and the streamlining of the tax document process.

All prize payouts will be made through this virtual eWallet system within 60 days of the completion of the event at which your competition was held. You must have a working Replay Foundation eWallet account in order to receive your monetary prize. If you do not have an account, please fill out the form located on the eWallet tab here, and we will create your account and send you the login details.

Please see the FAQ below for further information. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us through our contact form.

How do I get an eWallet account?

Fill out the form here or in person at any of our events. Please make sure to use your full legal name. We will create the account for you, and you will receive an email with your username and password.

Do I have to create an account every time I win?

No! Once you’ve filled out your tax form and proven your identity, that’s it. The next time you win, you’ll just log in and see money. You’ll only go through the paperwork again if you want to change something (like your address, for example).

My account has been created. Now what?

Step 1: This is the first page you’ll see once you’ve logged in. You’ll need to fill out all the requested information and scroll down.

Step 2: Make sure to set your pin and security questions to answers you will remember. Your pin will be required when making changes to your account in the future. Once you have everything set up, continue. (Note: Participants under the age of 18 will have an additional screen, for parental consent.)

Step 3: You will notice that your balance says $0.00, and that the page is asking you to provide paperwork (W9 for American citizens, W8-BEN for non-American citizens). This is normal. Until you’ve completed the set up wizard, your account is inactive, and inactive accounts are not funded.

Fill out your tax form with your full and complete legal name (e.g. if your name is Jonathan but you are called John, put Jonathan on the form.)

Step 4: Your account set up is now complete.

When do I get paid?

All eligible prizes will be paid to active accounts within 60 days of the completion of the competition(s). If your account is not activated until after the initial 60 day window, payouts will be dispersed within 60 days of the completion of your account set up.

No prize money can be awarded until your account set up is complete. If you have not received your payout from a previous event and it is outside the 60 day window, it is most likely because you did not finish your account set up.

There’s money in my account. How do I withdraw it?

Step 1: Click on Withdraw Funds.

Step 2: Here you are presented with multiple methods to withdraw your money. Choose whichever option works best for you.

Please note: After filling in the information for your chosen option, you will be required to provide proof of identification, such as a government issued ID, a utility bill with your name and address, or a voided check. These are standard security practices to prevent against fraud and simple mistakes.

Is a processing fee involved, and if so, why?

Yes. The fees are specific to the method chosen to withdraw your money. For example, a direct deposit bank account transfer in the United States is $1. A check is $4. There are also several fees involved in processing payments both into and out of the related accounts shouldered by the Replay Foundation. In short, these fees are the fundamental cost of doing business and running these competitions.

Is a maintenance fee involved, and if so, why?

The maintenance fee should be waived. If you see a maintenance fee associated with your account, please contact us. There is a dormancy fee of $5 a month if you do not withdraw your funds within 6 months.

How do I change my password?

Step 1: Click on My Account.

Step 2: Click on Settings.

Why do I have to fill out tax forms?

The Replay Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit private operating foundation, and we adhere to all IRS reporting procedures. All winners, foreign and domestic, must fill out the proper paperwork the first time they win.

Am I going to be taxed?

Anyone winning $600 or more will receive a 1099 form in January, and the amount of your winnings will be reported to the IRS.

Will I be taxed if I'm not from the United States?

You may be covered under a reciprocity agreement, but that’s between you, your accountant, and your government.

Will I be taxed if I am a child?

When it comes to taxes and the IRS, age doesn’t matter. In this case, your parents will have to sign a consent form in order for you to receive your money. At that point, all appropriate tax procedures will be followed.

Can you help me hide my money from the IRS?


Can you help me do my taxes?


Can you give me any tax or accounting advice?


Why do I have to provide documentation to get paid?

There are several reasons that, in the end, are all about you. First, we want to make sure we’re paying the right John Smith. If you’ve opted to be paid by check, we want to make sure that check will get to you, because lost checks are expensive to cancel and reissue. If you elect to be paid via direct deposit, we want to know that we have the correct account numbers, because a single digit is the difference between you getting paid or not, and you would be shocked at how often people make this mistake. Second, entering competitions or attending any of our events is a voluntary decision on your part, and following the appropriate procedures and supplying the appropriate paperwork is a requirement we enforce at all of our events. By attending and competing, which is your voluntary choice, you accept the reality that you must follow the rules of our event if you desire to be paid any winnings. If you do not intend to follow our procedures or are attempting to avoid tax liability, we recommend you do not participate in our competitions.

What if I don’t like releasing my personal information?

We can certainly appreciate that fact, and we understand that identity theft is a serious issue. We are partnered with i-Payout for payment options and secure document handling. They comply with the Bank Secrecy Act, SOC ll and PCI Data Security Standards. Their privacy policy is here: i-Payout Privacy Policy and their support page is here: i-Payout FAQ & Support Page.

Ultimately, however, attending and competing at any of our events is your voluntary choice, and by doing so, you accept the reality that you must follow the rules of our events if you desire to be paid any winnings. If you do not intend to follow our procedures or are attempting to avoid tax liability, we recommend you do not participate in any of our competitions.

Do I have any other options?

If you prefer to mail us a W9 via regular post, we can send you a receipt for your donation and a 1099 MISC form. To follow this process, please contact us to let us know of your decision.

If you do not wish to fill out any of the required tax forms, you have the option of declining your prize and donating it back to the Replay Foundation. To follow this procedure, fill out the form below:

There is no form selected or the form was deleted.
There is no form selected or the form was deleted.