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The Carnegie Facility

The Carnegie facility, affectionately referred to as the old “PAPA Headquarters”, was located in an industrial park at 100 Keystone Drive, Carnegie, PA. This building was constructed more than 100 years ago and underwent multiple renovations. In addition to hosting some of the world’s largest pinball competitions, the building was also used in the past by the Jet Net corporation to package food items. PAPA was located in this building for 15 years, beginning in 2004.

While this facility had its problems, including a leaking roof, HVAC issues, a crumbling brick wall, and the remnants of dirty flood water in the non-public portions, it also was the home of many influential moments in competitive pinball.  The PAPA World Championships were reborn here after a multi-year dark period.  Pinburgh was designed and started here, growing from 173 competitors in 2011 to 1000, with hundreds on the waitlist, by 2018.  The first instructional pinball tutorials and PAPAtv were also filmed at this location, helping give rise to a new generation of competitors. And without a doubt, the late night parties and entertainment that occurred at the conclusion of each PAPA World Championships directly influenced the look and feel of the Replay FX events that followed.

The old “PAPA HQ” will be remembered fondly by many.

PAPA Headquarters


Building PAPA HQ: June 2004

Building PAPA HQ: July 2004

Building PAPA HQ: August 2004

Building PAPA HQ: September 2004

Party: 2005

Cupids & Canines: January 2012

Moving Out: January 2019